“Tinyova” Shadow Theater on tour!

Four young actors travel through war-torn Ukraine with their play “Reconstruction”. Along the way, they talk to people on the street, artists and theater makers, thereby painting what they see as an up-to-date picture of Ukraine in the fall of 2022. In their piece “Reconstruction” they encourage us and their compatriots to be our own thought architects and bridge builders with gentle and poetic images. For a new Ukraine on the ruins of lost cities. >>more soon!

Art across borders

Art Crossing Borders supports national and international artists. We have made it our goal to overcome internal and external borders, to connect them in international exchange – with a focus on Ukraine.

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Focus Ukraine

Art Crossing Borders has been in Ukraine since 2015 and is proactively looking for young artists and projects there. We have made many friends there and promote unique personalities and groups. »more

Personally, I am devastated to see our friends and their lives as pawns in world politics. We are actively in contact with everyone and arrange accommodation on a private level. Support our action »Sing with us Europe!, in which choirs from Ukraine join their European counterparts to sing the Ukrainian national anthem for the unity of Europe #UnitedEUkraine.

Thanks to all who help us! Hold on and together! Only together can we get through this infinitely dark time!

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Art Crossing Borders e.V. is a registered non-profit association. It was founded to promote and network outstanding artists nationally, as well as internationally, to find solutions to the challenges facing new talent today.

The goal of the association is to align all funding structures to support artists unbureaucratically and concretely where they really need it. We want to believe in them as people, trust them, help them implement unusual, new concepts and ensure that they survive in an era of digitalized society and global competition. »more

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Art Crossing Borders supports artists, initiatives and groups. Together with you, we develop projects such as new development spaces, formats or initiate international encounters.

Igor Fedirko

A Ukrainian director, actor and puppeteer. He was born in 1990 in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, studied at the National Karpenko-Karyi University of Theater, Film and Television in Kiev, and in his younger years is already the chairman of the National Association of Ukrainian Puppet Theaters UNIMA and a two-time winner of the prestigious Pectoral Award.


Moravski Chamber Choir

An amateur choir founded in 2017 with a strong community made up of people from all backgrounds. Choir director Olena Radko has welded the colorfully mixed group together into a well-balanced body of sound, which with its fine sound makes you forget again and again that there are no professionals on stage, but amateur singers and amateurs, some of whom can’t even read music.


Tinyova Shadow theater

A theater group founded in wartime, consisting of very young, talented and highly ambitious actors and directors who open up art, normality and spaces for thought to their compatriots in the most difficult times. They do this under the most difficult conditions imaginable in a country where there is no work and no prospects with an admirable dedication, commitment and quality.


“Basic Artist for Artist Management” is the answer to a whole new set of challenges facing artists. Self-promotion on social media is the new standard for every art form today. B.A.A.M. hires industry professionals to do this grunt work for you.

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Second Truth

Under the label “Second Truth” artists, filmmakers, musicians and journalists from all over the world deal with social and political hotspots of our time in short videos. The resulting music films do without words and are a mixture of music clip and short film.


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Current projects

Sing with us, Europe!

Sing with us, Europe!

Art has been silent long enough!

The Moravski Chamber Choir would like to create an online video along the lines of >>Illia Bondarenko YouTube Video , singing the Ukrainian national anthem together with choirs from all over Europe. We would like to send a strong signal against war and for unity and cohesion. They want to remind the leaders of the EU to listen to the voices of the people and fulfill their desire to be a part of the European family! Help us make this project a reality!

>>Read if interested the article and how in detail the budget is composed!

already donated:

750,00 €

Donation goal: 1300,00 €

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Rehearsal room for Moravski

Rehearsal room for Moravski

Palace of Culture “Pechersk”: The Moravski Chamber Choir does not have a fixed rehearsal room until today, which means a high level of organization with about 35 members. There have even been outdoor rehearsals! A piano was often not ready for use or not even available in the first place. Under these circumstances, a choir cannot build repertoire and has difficulty developing.

already donated:

0,00 €

Donation goal: 300,00 € / Monat

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A look into the soul

A look into the soul

Over 60 individuals from the fields of photography, performing arts, literature, music, and theater were reached out to and interviewed, which has provided us with valuable insights and contacts within the scene. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. This survey, I can say this much in advance, produced unexpected results. But first of all, I would like to apologize for the delay. It is still not easy to work effectively in a war-torn country. It is a tough process and I thank you for your patience and commitment.

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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

During the winter, supply difficulties wreaked havoc; focused work in Kyiv was out of the question. Our helpers, projects, and employees were consumed with their personal lives and survival. At the beginning of the year, Andrii left us, and with him, a crucial employee and contact person within the scene; traveling to Ukraine personally remained out of the question.

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“Sing with us, Europe!” has successfully come to an end today, more than a month after the release of the main video. The >>Hamburger Abendblatt wrote about us, the film >>“One Voice” has reached 140,000 people on >>YouTube to date, has been shown in cinemas in Kyiv, on >>TikTok, there are more than 14,000 views, and over 12,000 for the main film alone, came together and the online campaign reached well over 700,000 people in Europe and Ukraine. Unfortunately, forced by the still fragile situation in Kyiv, the team was only able to celebrate virtually together.

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Finale Phase Online CAMPAIGN

Finale Phase Online CAMPAIGN

There are no celebrations planned for Ukrainian Independence Day Only a few days left until the online video is published on August 24th. The online campaign is attracting more and more people and is a tour de force for everyone involved#chor #vocal #aktion #online...

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Shooting for Nika Turbina has begun

Shooting for Nika Turbina has begun

Already at the end of last year Igor Fedirko together with Art Crossing Borders made the decision to make his work “Nika Turbina” accessible to more people and together we decided to initiate a film production of the production.

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