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Moravski Chamber Choir

A Ukrainian amateur choir with exceptional atmosphere and cohesion

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The Moravski Chamber Choir is an amateur choir founded in 2017 with a strong community made up of people from diverse walks of life. The choir owes its atmosphere and great cohesion to its members and not least to its choirmaster Olena Radko, a graduate of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music and an experienced conductor. With her cordial manner, her excellent ear and constant work on the sound, she has achieved a small masterpiece. She has welded the motley, lively troupe together into a well-balanced body of sound that, with fine tone, creates a

always makes you forget that there are no professionals on stage, but hobby singers and amateurs, some of whom can’t even read music.

Art Crossing Borders wants to support and protect this strong integrating power and the quality of being able to motivate to high performance. Despite resistance and difficulties, the Moravski Chamber Choir has created something special that vividly demonstrates how meaningful and important participation in art and making music together is. For some members, the choir has become a retreat and center of life, for which they put up with long distances, cold winters and out-of-tune pianos.

The choir is also making an impact in the professional music world. In his young career he was invited to 40 national and international concerts and festivals and won several awards. In the process, he also achieved the brilliant victory of the second Ukrainian Mykola Leonovich Choir Competition, in which, competing with professional choirs.

Everyone who attends a rehearsal of the Moravski Chamber Choir senses that something is different here. In the pandemic, other choirs lost members. It must mean something when a choir can even gain members in this situation, against the trend. When asked about her first meeting with the troupe, Olena Radko (choir director) replies succinctly and forcefully, “It was love at first sight.”

However, the Moravski Choir needs, among other things, basic equipment and support in various areas in order to continue and develop. The association wants to protect this unusual choir, promote it on its way and develop projects in an international framework to encourage an exchange between Germany and Ukraine.

Awards & Recognitions

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2018 – 1st place at the Kyiv City Competition in the category “Academic Choirs”

2018 – Participation in the concert “Viva Puccini” in the Philharmonic Hall with the Presidential Orchestra

2018 – 2nd place at the Ukrainian Mykola Leonovich Choir Competition
(in competition with professional choirs)

2019 – Tours in Austria, France and Hungary

2019 – Award title “Folk Choir”

2020 – Participation in the 21st Christmas Festival “Great Koliada” in Lviv

2021 – participation in the project “Agnus Die” (concert to be televised) with the Telniuk sisters and the Presidential Orchestra

2021 – 1st place at the 13th Ukrainian Festival Competition “Vyshhorodska Pokrova” in the category “Academic Singing”


Mit dem Künstler, der Gruppe oder dem Programm zusammen entwickelte Projekte, für die wir Unterstützung suchen.

Sing with us, Europe!

Sing with us, Europe!

Art has been silent long enough!

The Moravski Chamber Choir would like to create an online video along the lines of >>Illia Bondarenko YouTube Video , singing the Ukrainian national anthem together with choirs from all over Europe. We would like to send a strong signal against war and for unity and cohesion. They want to remind the leaders of the EU to listen to the voices of the people and fulfill their desire to be a part of the European family! Help us make this project a reality!

>>Read if interested the article and how in detail the budget is composed!

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Donation goal: 1300,00 €

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Rehearsal room for Moravski

Rehearsal room for Moravski

Palace of Culture “Pechersk”: The Moravski Chamber Choir does not have a fixed rehearsal room until today, which means a high level of organization with about 35 members. There have even been outdoor rehearsals! A piano was often not ready for use or not even available in the first place. Under these circumstances, a choir cannot build repertoire and has difficulty developing.

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Donation goal: 300,00 € / Monat

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