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Julian Friedrich | Februar 2022

Julian Friedrich


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Dear visitor,

Thank you for your interest in Art Crossing Borders e.V.!

Art Crossing Borders e.V. is a registered non-profit association and acts without any profit intentions. It was founded to support and connect outstanding artists to create a strong community of creators and their supporters seeking first-hand solutions to the challenges young talents face today.

The goal is to find a new generation of artists and to align the funding structures accordingly in order to support them

in an unbureaucratic and concrete way where that is really needed. We want to believe in them as people; trust them and help them implement unusual, new concepts and survive with them in an era of digitalized society and global competition.

We work together with the artists on new laboratories, utilisation systems, and exciting formats that have the potential to radiate back into the art world in order to inspire and move others. I lay particular importance on international encounters, mutual inspiration, and joint discussion about the future of art. A new generation of artists

should be able to assume their role in society being self-confident and feeling protected, and develop their full potential with newly acquired skills. Because we need their ideas, visions, and alternative perspectives today more than ever!

I would like to engage you for these goals and invite you to accompany me and this community on this exciting path! Let’s cross these borders!

First focus: Ukraine.


Touchstone of the European East-West politics; country of a young creative generation that needs our support

Julian Friedrich | Februar 2022 | #ukraine #politik #krieg

When I ended up in Ukraine at the beginning of 2015, I quickly felt a deep connection to the country, the culture, and the people. Since then, I have been there more than 50 times, travelled to all cities, and had many conversations — until the pandemic in 2020 forced me to maintain contacts from my home office.

It shall not surprise you, dear reader, how much it hurts me to see this great country suffering from Russian military aggression.

These great people fought hard for their rights, which we take for granted, in two bloody revolutions. Ukrainians feel very close to Europe and especially to Germany. They have to and had to endure a lot, and perhaps it is precisely these hardships and difficulties that give rise to personalities who have a deep, creative power and an irrefutable enthusiasm that still inspires me
to this day I would like to enable artists from Germany to have this fruitful, mutual exchange with Ukrainians too. Come to Kyiv! I invite you to talk to the people and witness for yourself.

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