Art between war and hope

A new employee in Kyiv / Blank Paper Association / A survey of the Ukrainian cultural scene

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Much time has passed and a lot has happened since the last newsletter. But now, after a long period of stagnation, there are developments to report, which I am eager to share with all of you.

During the winter, supply difficulties wreaked havoc; focused work in Kyiv was out of the question. Our helpers, projects, and employees were consumed with their personal lives and survival. Early in the year, Andrii, a key employee and our liaison to the scene, left us. Traveling to Ukraine in person was still off the table. In order to remain engaged and assist artists on the ground, I needed to find someone. After a lengthy, intense search, with the assistance of a Ukrainian headhunting agency, I finally succeeded in hiring an ambitious and well-connected culture and project manager for Art Crossing Borders. Both of us weathered the testing and orientation period of several weeks, and we now face tasks and challenges with sleeves rolled up.

I am very much looking forward to working with Alya Sehal.

“Hello everyone! It is my great pleasure to be on board!”

– Alya Sehal, new project manager Art Crossing Borders

Bio: Trained art historian and art manager – graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Kyiv – worked for many years as a manager of various indie bands – mediator at Pinchuk Art Centre Kyiv – researcher at Odesa National Fine Art Museum.

Traveling from Ukraine abroad remains virtually impossible for male artists. The female members of the Moravski Choir have shown solidarity with their male colleagues; in other projects, artists are fighting at the frontlines. As a result, all our previous projects are on hold, awaiting better times.


We’ve decided not to sit idle and see the situation as an opportunity. We aim to reboot and develop two new programs to offer straightforward and concrete assistance to artists, especially during these challenging times. The first program intends to support an artist or a group of artists, while the second seeks to address the systematic hardships brought about by the war.

To gain an understanding of the current situation and identify where we can best offer help, we’ve launched a comprehensive survey within the artistic community. We’re querying 10 representatives from diverse artistic fields (music, theater, all visual arts, photography, film, and literature) about their present concerns, what they expect from EU partners, and their outlook on the future. We want to understand the projects they’re planning and identify the major obstacles they face. We anticipate initial results by the fall; of course, we’ll keep you updated on the findings.

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