There are no celebrations planned for Ukrainian Independence Day

Only a few days left until the online video is published on August 24th. The online campaign is attracting more and more people and is a tour de force for everyone involved

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Promotional campaign donations: 360 EUR out of 2000 EUR reached. Please keep donating! Crowdfunding campaign “Sing with us, Europe!” – Online campaign launched. Please share the call for donations GoFundMe!

Just over a week to go, then it’s time! Our campaign is also in full swing, and we sleep standing up ;). All choirs and all performances are shown on Facebook, YouTubeand Instagram in full length. Among many others this extraordinary one contribution from Denmark. Have a look, enjoy, share and comment.

The Moravski Choir also gives their best. We received over 11 personal stories from choir members. Sometimes with harrowing images of destroyed houses, which are part of the stories and documents about the war and remind us, here in Europe, of the harsh reality. The choirs sent us moving thanks and words of encouragement and support from many countries.

The Art Crossing Borders team pushes their limits. Under the impact of the daily horrors of war, team members in Ukraine are doing incredible things. Thanks to Oksana, Dasha, Andrii and Nastia, please take care of yourselves!

Dear members, supporters, friends, we are doing everything to make this project visible. The posts are diligently shared and spread

by choirs and members. However, we don’t manage to reach a large audience with it. There we find ourselves in competition with paid advertising campaigns. We need your support to keep up. Unfortunately, with 360 EUR we did not reach our goal of collecting at least 2000 EUR for the online campaign.

If you’ve ever thought about supporting this project, now is the time!

For this purpose, we started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. If it is not possible for you to donate, or you do not want to, it would still be a great support if you distributed the appeal in your social media and contacts.

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