“ONE VOICE” reaches 140,000 views on YouTube

12,000 views on TikTok / The online campaign “Sing with us, Europe!” reaches 740,000 people across Europe / Cinemas in Kyiv play “One Voice” / The Hamburger Abendblatt reports on the project / Rockets over Kyiv!

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“Sing with us, Europe!” has come to an end today, almost a month after the release of the main video titled “One Voice”. Hamburger >>Abendblatt wrote about us, >>The “One Voice” film has reached reached 140,000 people on YouTube to date, ran in cinemas in Kyiv, >>in TikTok there are more than 14,000 views, over 12,000 for the main film alone, and the online campaign, supported by individual donations, even though we unfortunately could not reach our fundraising goal, has reached well over 700,000 people in Europe and Ukraine. Unfortunately, forced by the still fragile situation in Kyiv, the team was only able to celebrate virtually together.

At this point, our greatest thanks go to the generous donors: Rita Russek, Lothar Seissiger, Cornelia Baumbauer-Grimm, Karl Heinz Grimm, Gundi Ellert, und Frank Baumbauer.

“We would like to thank the donors for making this project possible. We never expected such a response, that so many countries would react and support us. For us, this is an important project, and we want it to continue and as many people as possible to recognise that Ukraine is a sovereign, free state and that we will stand and fight for our country.”

– Olena Radko, the artistic director of the Moravski Chamber Choir

As mentioned in previous newsletters, there was no celebration of the 31st Independence Day and so many people took note of our contribution and expressed their gratitude in comments.

We have made all 33 posts publicly available on our SM channels along with quotes from choir members or their choir directors; including video contributions in which they thank you for participating and explain why they consider this project so important in these times. This has resulted in a wonderful collection, including performances worth seeing. See for yourself and browse ours >>YouTube-, >>Instagram-, >>Facebook– und >>TikTok-Channels.

This project created connections that are valuable for the Moravski Choir and develop ideas for follow-up projects. We will keep you tuned.

We send best wishes to all participants, supporters, members, volunteers, team, friends, and well-wishers. It was a wild ride!


Тіньова means shadow theater. That’s the title for the four young actors’ collective who toured four locations in Ukraine in August 2022. With their piece called “Reconstruction”, they want to free people from their grief, think of a future with them, a new beginning. Their piece is a processing, a poetic journey to the battlefields.

On their real journey through Ukraine they recorded an unusual video diary. They spoke to people from the streets, theatre makers, and artists as well as people in charge, and travelled to memorable places to show us their country; the way it is now.

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