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Ukrainian sing the Ukrainian national anthem together with European choirs

Today, on March 28, 2022, we call on all choirs of the European Union to support their Ukrainian colleagues and sing the Ukrainian anthem together with them. This online action is intended to remind EU leaders to listen to the voices of the people. For it was they who ultimately led to its creation as we know it today. While the EU was initially an economic alliance, in its early stages it increasingly became an idealistic one based on values.

It was young people in particular who felt European and thus reinforced the will for freedom of movement and open borders.

Today, they are once again calling out to their state leaders. Today out of utmost need and despair over the tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine. The people there experience immeasurable suffering, destruction and displacement, and this in the middle of Europe, one of the largest in terms of area. Art Crossing Borders initiierte diese Aktion in

cooperation with the Moravski Chamber Choir in Kyiv, whose members send their contributions from various places. With baby in arms, in the basement, from the country or the city. They are spread all over Ukraine to escape the bombings and gun violence.

Production budget

I. Organisation
a) Kampagne-Helfer2400
b) Online Aufruf600
c) Audio- & Filmmaterial300
II. Produktion
a) Produzent800
b) Musik Ingenieur & Mastering1000
III. Post-Produktion
a) Film editing 400
b) Media design800
IV. Video Kampagne
a) Werbekampagne1000

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