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Ukrainian sing the Ukrainian national anthem together with European choirs

Today, on March 28, 2022, we call on all choirs of the Euro­pean Union to sup­port their Ukrain­ian col­leagues and sing the Ukrain­ian anthem togeth­er with them. This online action is intend­ed to remind EU lead­ers to lis­ten to the voic­es of the peo­ple. For it was they who ulti­mate­ly led to its cre­ation as we know it today. While the EU was ini­tial­ly an eco­nom­ic alliance, in its ear­ly stages it increas­ing­ly became an ide­al­is­tic one based on values.

It was young peo­ple in par­tic­u­lar who felt Euro­pean and thus rein­forced the will for free­dom of move­ment and open borders.

Today, they are once again call­ing out to their state lead­ers. Today out of utmost need and despair over the tragedy that is unfold­ing in Ukraine. The peo­ple there expe­ri­ence immea­sur­able suf­fer­ing, destruc­tion and dis­place­ment, and this in the mid­dle of Europe, one of the largest in terms of area. Art Cross­ing Bor­ders ini­ti­ierte diese Aktion in 

coop­er­a­tion with the Moravs­ki Cham­ber Choir in Kyiv, whose mem­bers send their con­tri­bu­tions from var­i­ous places. With baby in arms, in the base­ment, from the coun­try or the city. They are spread all over Ukraine to escape the bomb­ings and gun violence.

Production budget

I. Organ­i­sa­tion
a) Kam­pagne-Helfer2400
b) Online Aufruf600
c) Audio- & Filmmaterial300
II. Pro­duk­tion
a) Pro­duzent800
b) Musik Inge­nieur & Mastering1000
III. Post-Pro­duk­tion
a) Film editing 400
b) Media design800
IV. Video Kampagne
a) Wer­bekam­pagne1000

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