The project “Sing with us, Europe!” enters the final phase. On August 24th, the 31st Inde­pen­dence Day of Ukraine, 32 choirs from 25 coun­tries join the Moravs­ki Cham­ber Choir from Kyiv to sing the Ukrain­ian anthem in a mov­ing online film 

The project “Sing with us, Europe!” is enter­ing its final phase. On August 24th,
the 31st Inde­pen­dence Day of Ukraine, 32 choirs from 25 Euro­pean coun­tries will sing the Ukrain­ian anthem with the Moravs­ki Cham­ber Choir from Kyiv in a mov­ing online film.

We received an over­whelm­ing response. Now entire Europe is involved.
The Art Cross­ing Bor­ders team worked tire­less­ly for this, mak­ing con­tacts every day and rais­ing many hopes. 1000 thanks again for that!

Now we are plan­ning a media cam­paign start­ing August 1st to draw the atten­tion of as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble to the film “Sing with us, Europe!”.


For this pur­pose, we will pro­duce small films fea­tur­ing mem­bers of the Moravs­ki Choir talk­ing about their cur­rent lives. We will put togeth­er mate­r­i­al from all par­tic­i­pat­ing choirs in small posts and col­lect media con­tacts and press releas­es from all 25 countries.

Online social plat­forms require mon­ey! I per­son­al­ly and Art Cross­ing Bor­ders have run out of finan­cial resources. Friends from Ukraine have invest­ed a lot of time and work to get this great project done for our asso­ci­a­tion. Now we depend on your dona­tions to make “Sing with us Europe” known. For this, we need at least 2000 EUR. There are no upper limits.


We have achieved some­thing extra­or­di­nary: peo­ple from all over Europe have come togeth­er to use the pow­er of music to take a stand against the bru­tal, destruc­tive war. Peo­ple from Ukraine have repeat­ed­ly told me how moved they are that strangers from so many coun­tries are singing their anthem:

“Ukraine’s free­dom has not yet per­ished, nor has her glo­ry. Upon us, fel­low Ukraini­ans, fate shall smile once more. Our ene­mies will van­ish like dew in the sun. And we, too, shall rule, broth­ers, in a free land of our own.”

The anthem is based on a poem writ­ten by the Ukrain­ian poet Pavlo Chubyn­skyi in Kyiv in 1862. For this, he was ban­ished for 7 years.

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