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Studio Recording

at Khram Feo­dosiya Cherni­hivsʹko­ho UOC (MP) Studio

At the begin­ning of the year Ele­na Rad­ko and Art Cross­ing Bor­ders decid­ed to ini­ti­ate stu­dio record­ings for the Moravs­ki Cham­ber Choir. The SMM appear­ance is strength­ened by a pro­fes­sion­al record­ing and the choir becomes more inde­pen­dent, because it can gen­er­ate income from the 

from the CD sales.

The choir wants to stand on its own two feet. The still vola­tive mem­ber­ship sit­u­a­tion is also to be improved through admis­sions. The choir becomes bet­ter known and for the mem­bers record­ing means 


an impor­tant experience.

The shoot­ing is planned in a con­vert­ed church. The time peri­od is still up for disposition.

Studio Recording

There are 2 days planned

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