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Moravski Chamber Choir — in the studio

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On Feb­ru­ary 16, 2022, the mem­bers of the “Moravs­ki Cham­ber Choir” under the direc­tion of Ele­na Rad­ko took a record­ing ses­sion of sev­er­al hours in Khram Feo­dosiya Cherni­hivsʹko­ho UOC stu­dio. The for­mer church once became a reception 

Room con­vert­ed and was per­fect­ly suit­ed for the record­ing due to the con­di­tions. It will be used in the future to facil­i­tate online per­for­mances or record pro­duc­tions. The members

thank the donors with this pho­to. The fun­ders of Art Cross­ing Bor­ders e.V. made this record­ing possible.

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