“Pechersk” Palace of Culture

A central rehearsal room as the basis for further development

Julian Friedrich | July 2021 | #project #a #puppet theater #puppeteer #film #Nika Turbina

The Moravski Chamber Choir does not have a permanent rehearsal room until today, which, with about 35 members means a high degree of organization. There have even been outdoor rehearsals! A piano was often not ready for use or not even available in the first place. Under these circumstances, a choir cannot build repertoire and has difficulty developing.

Prices in Kyiv are surprisingly high and comparable

with the cost of living to that in Germany, although it is only about one third of the cost of living in Germany. Another reason to give members a helping hand.

Requirements are: Accessibility, proximity to the center or a metro station (Kyiv with its 3 million inhabitants has only three lines), space for more than 30 people including.

Chairs, a continuously maintained piano, heated (important in winter), storage facilities for clothes and sheet music, available for at least 2 times a week for 2 hours of rehearsal and meet a stay until after 10 pm if needed.


Good accessibility, close to the center, near the metro station “Arsenalna”. Equipped with a piano and enough chairs.


300 € / month

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